All about Seven Churches, Turkey Tour

The Seven Churches, described in the New Testament Book of Revelation, were established in Asia Minor by early Christians and became points of proselytization and eventually pilgrimage. Journey back in time with us as we embark across the western Aegean coast to learn about these religious sites and their significance throughout history. Along the way, we’ll visit some of the area’s other attractions and enjoy a bit of Turkish food and culture.

The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?
Items that are included in the cost of tour price.
  • Airport transfers
  • Taxes
  • Entrance fees
  • Professional guide
  • Ground transportation via a private, air-conditioned vehicle
  • Breakfast for days 2-4.

What is not included in this tour?
Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.
  • Lunches
  • Dinners
  • Tips
  • 1.DAY

    • Izmir,Pergamon
    • We will meet you either at the Izmir Airport arrivals hall or pick you up from your Izmir or Kusadasi hotel to begin our 7 Churches multi-day tour.

      This morning, we drive 1.5 hours to Pergamon, which is one of the finest archeological sites in Turkey due to having been a cultural hub of the Eastern Roman Empire. This full-day includes visiting the Church of Smyrna, the Acropolis, Pergamon’s famous library, the steepest theatre of Anatolia, the Temples of Trojan and Dionysus, the Altar of Zeus, the Sanctuary of Demeter, and the Gymnasium. After lunch, we will visit the medical center of the ancient world, Asclepion, named after the God of Health, Asclepios. We tour the Red Basilica (St. John’s Church) before continuing on to Thyatira, now called Akhisar, another of the Seven Churches of Asia [Rev. 1:11; 2:18-24; Acts 16:14]. After seeing the remains of the basilica and some Roman fragments, we head back to Izmir for our hotel check-in.

      Overnight Izmir

  • 2.DAY

    • Pamukkale
    • After breakfast, we check out of our hotel and make our way to Sardis, the ancient capital of the Lydians, and the visit Church of Sardis. From there, we visit Alasehir where the ancient Philadelphia Church is located. Our last stop is at Laodicea on the Lycus. Laodicea was one of Asia Minor’s successful commercial cities. Josephus notes that there was a sizable Jewish population in this area and that Paul was frequented Laodicea, as well as neighboring Hierapolis (Colossians 4:13,15,16). From here, we head south to Pamukkale for our hotel check-in.

      Overnight Pamukkale

  • 3.DAY

    • Selcuk
    • This morning, we will check out from our hotel and embark on a tour of Pamukkale, Heirapolis, and Aphrodisias. Our first stop is Hierapolis, a sprawling Greco-Roman ancient city whose highlights include the Necropolis, the North Gate, the Roman bath, the well-preserved thoroughfare, the Byzantium Gate, and the theatre. After traversing this site, it’s a short walk to the waters of Pamukkale. This natural formation appears white due to layers of calcium carbonate. Its warm waters have been used for relaxation and therapeutic purposes for centuries. Opt to dip your feet in (or more) and take a breather.

      Our last stop is Aphrodisias, one of the oldest sacred sites in Turkey. The Temple of Aphrodite later became a Christian basilica, and today, it is well-preserved and has been partially restored. Also located here are the ruins of a large theater, a stadium, and a museum showcasing artifacts from the area. From here, we will drive to Selçuk for our hotel check-in.

      Overnight Selçuk

  • 4.DAY

    • Selcuk,Izmir
    • After breakfast, we embark on a tour of one of Turkey’s grandest ancient sites, Ephesus. Here we walk through history. The marble streets are lined with public buildings, among them the Baths of Scholastica and the Library of Celsus; the latter was built in the beginning of the 2nd century AD by Gaius Julius Aquila as a memorial to his father, Tiberius Julius Celsus Polemaenus, the governor of Roman Asia. We will also see the Temple of Hadrian and the Grand Theatre, two of the most impressive structures in this ancient city. The Grand Theatre was built in the 3rd century BC and was later expanded by the Romans in the 1st century AD to accommodate nearly 25,000 spectators. It was at this theatre that Saint Paul preached.

      From here (around 13.00), we will transfer you to the Izmir Airport for your onward flight. Alternatively, we can transfer you to your hotel in Kusadasi or Izmir if you have made accommodations to stay longer in the area.

My Turkey Adventure works with a select number of boutique hotels all around Turkey. Over the years, our guides and team members have combined passenger feedback with their own experiences to create a list of reliable accommodations. We have built professional relationships with the owners and staff at these establishments, and their pride, helpfulness, and enthusiasm reflects in the hotel’s quality and service.

We try to steer clear of the “luxury” 4- and 5-star resorts. By catering to large tour groups, these hotels usually have mediocre service, poorer-quality rooms, and offer buffet-style meals that are picked-at by dozens of travelers each day. The hotels we work with, albeit smaller/boutique, have earned our trust due to their consistent quality, safe and central locations, authenticity, and friendly service. All of our accommodations have free wifi and offer fresh breakfasts with a variety of options.

See the hotels we use for this itinerary:

IZMIR : Mövenpick Hotel or smilar

SELCUK : St. john hotel or smilar

PAMUKKALE : Melrose view point hotel or smilar

Safety and Security

A basic awareness of your surroundings will go a long way in keeping you and your belongings safe. We recommend keeping your passports, extra cash, and important documents in your hotel room’s safe or, if unavailable, with the hotel front-desk staff. Try not to carry large amounts of cash. Pickpocketing is a problem in urban areas, particularly in Istanbul’s large crowds. Keep your personal effects close—a bag or purse that can be zipped or a money belt are recommended. You may also want to bring a luggage lock for added security during air transit.

While Turkey is a relatively safe country to visit, please trust your guide’s judgement and experience if he or she tells you to avoid certain neighbourhoods or activities.

When exploring on your own, please be aware of the “Let’s get a drink” scam, which has targeted tourists in recent years. A stranger (someone telling you they are a guide or fellow traveler, for example) will invite you to a bar or restaurant for drink/food. These people work with the bar/restaurant, and your bill will be horribly high (we have heard of people being forced to pay 3000TL for a bottle of raki or wine). It can become precarious if the tourist refuses to pay. While this scam tends to target single-travelers (particularly men), small groups of 2-3 people can also be targeted.

There are some touristy restaurants that do not list prices on their menus, or they will attempt to inflate your bill by serving you extra portions without you having ordered them. Keep a menu at the table to double-check your bill and make sure to clearly state how many portions you want when ordering. Your guide will be happy to give you recommendations for high-quality, honest places to eat during your free time, so don’t hesitate to ask!

Protests and demonstrations, however well-intentioned, can turn rowdy or violent. If you encounter a protest, leave the area immediately.

Finishing Point

We are happy to help with your post-tour plans! Let us know if you would like us to arrange a hotel reservation, airport transfer, or activity.

What to Bring

We recommend packing as lightly as possible. Hotels and buildings in Turkey often lack entry ramps, and public transport can get quite crowded (limiting the space for luggage). For daily activities, a day pack or large purse will suffice.

Make sure to bring all necessary documentation, including passport, visa (if needed), itinerary, flight information, and any travel insurance papers.

As for clothing, the weather in Turkey will vary depending on where your tour takes you and the time of year during which you travel. Please check the weather statistics for an idea about seasonal items. For tours traveling to more conservative areas, we recommend bringing a few modest-clothing items (long-sleeved shirt/sweater and pants/long skirt). Women may want to bring a scarf for mosque visits.


The currency in Turkey is the Turkish Lira (TL). My Turkey Adventure accepts tour payments in Turkish Lira, Euros, or US dollars. While most restaurants, bars, and shops in urban areas will accept credit and debit cards, you will need to have TL on hand to use for smaller items, local shops, and tipping. Every traveler is different when it comes to spending habits, therefore it’s entirely up to you when deciding how much money to bring.

Your guide will point out exchange offices and/or banks for you to change or withdraw cash. If you need to change money at the airport, keep the amount low as the rates will be poorer than those in the city center.

We recommend keeping some extra cash (around 100EUR) to use in case of emergency or unforeseen circumstances.


At restaurants, it is customary to leave a 5-10% tip if you are satisfied with the service.

For taxis, just round up your fare (for example, if your trip is 15.25TL, give 16TL).

At hotels, we recommend tipping 1EUR per person per day.

If you are happy with your tour and would like to show your appreciation, tips for your guide and/or driver can be given at the end of your tour. While the amount is solely at your discretion, we recommend tipping around 2EUR per person per day to your driver and 4-5EUR per person per day to your guide.

Optional Activities

We offer a variety of optional activities to supplement our itineraries. These can be found on our website, or you can ask us for recommendations.

Meeting with your Guide

For day and Multi-day tours, your meeting time will be specified on your reservation E-mail.

Emergency Numbers

We can be reached at the following numbers:

+90 544 291 07 89

+90 242 242 07 89

In-country emergency numbers:

Police: 155

Ambulance/Medical: 112


We strongly recommend that our passengers select a travel insurance policy to cover the duration of their tour. This should, importantly, cover any medical expenses incurred, but we also recommend insurance for personal liability, cancellation, and loss of luggage.

Tour Confirmation

All of our tours are instantly confirmed via email upon booking. Day tours can be booked up until 24 hours before the start of the tour. Multi-day or group tours can be booked up until 7 days before the start of the tour.

Itinerary Disclaimer

While we rarely have to deviate from our itineraries, travel can be unpredictable. We reserve the right to make alterations to our itineraries in cases of unforeseen circumstances (i.e., bad weather or local circumstances).


Payments can be made by credit card on our website or by wire transfer. If paying by credit card, you will be charged in full at the time of booking. If paying by wire transfer, you can pay a 20% deposit via transfer and pay the remaining 80% at the start of your tour. We accept payments in Turkish Lira, Euro, and U.S. Dollar.

Cancellations and Refund Policy

Cancellations on multi-day tours will receive a full refund if they are cancelled before 21 days.

If you cancel your tour 21 days or less before the tour departs, you will receive a refund of 80% of the tour price.

The tour operator advises all customers to purchase travel insurance in case of unexpected travel interruption of illness.

To confirm a booking, a deposit of 20% of the total tour price is to be paid by the customer.

If a reservation has to be cancelled, customers will be charged a fee depending on how far from the departure date the cancellation takes place. To cancel, a customer needs to notify the tour operator in writing of such.

• No shows forfeit entire payment.

• Cancellation made between longer than 21 days prior to the starting date of the booked tour: full refund

• Cancellation made between 21 and 15 days prior to the starting date of the booked tour: 20% charged in cancellation fee of the total tour price

• Cancellation made between 15 and 7 days prior to the starting date of the booked tour: 80% charged in cancellation fee of the total tour price

• Cancellation made between 7 and 1 days prior to the starting date of the booked tour: 100% charged in cancellation fee of the total tour price


All of our tours are instantly confirmed via email upon booking. Day tours can be booked up until 24 hours before the start of the tour. Multi-day or group tours can be booked up until 7 days before the start of the tour.

Arrival Day

Welcome to Turkey and to a new adventure! Unless we have arranged an alternate meeting point for you, please make your way to your starting-city hotel. Your guide will meet you at 6:00pm in the hotel lobby for introductions and tour preliminaries. If you arrive early, you can opt to store your luggage at the hotel and go exploring or ask us about some pre-tour activity recommendations.

Airport Transfer

If you have booked an airport transfer with us, we will arrange for a driver to take you to your hotel. He/she will meet you outside the airport terminal with a sign bearing your name. The arrival waiting area can get quite busy, so please look carefully for your name.

Joining the Hotel

If you have booked a multi-day and/or group tour or you are already in the starting-city, you will meet your guide at the hotel. Hotel check-in times usually begin from 2:00-3:00pm. For multi-day and/or group tours, we will meet in the hotel lobby at 6:00pm for introductions and tour preliminaries.


For inquiries or to tailor your own Turkey tours, email us at or give us a call at +90 541 291 07 89