Local Village Stay

Experience life in a small village and learn about local Turkish life. Turkey is dotted with many small villages and the people who live in these villages live life more simply (some might say more fully) than those who live in the big cities.  You’ll enjoy famous Turkish hospitality from a local family and some of the most delicious home-cooked food as part of our village stay. You’ll have a chance to explore the village – perhaps visit the co-operative that sells hand-made items by the women of the village or sit and relax in the tea garden and watch village life pass (where it’s not uncommon to see sheep and goats being herded down the main street). 

 Our village house is located next door to the local mosque. You’ll have a special opportunity to meet the mosque’s imam where he’ll perform the call to prayer for you; it’s so much more beautiful experienced live than heard recorded and over a loud-speaker.  The imam will also be happy to chat afterwards and answer any of your questions.

 Accommodation is simple as you’ll be staying in a local family’s house where sleeping on mattresses on the floor is still common.